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You want to know what an escape game is about? You need some information about the price or the number of player?

You are in the right page! 

TRAP Milano is a real life game where you can test your skills in an unusual setting as a team.

Your goal is to gain freedom

In order to find your way out, you need to solve various puzzles, using creativity, logic and common sense. You have to think fast, be creative and observant but – most importantly – to work as a team.

We will provide you hints during the game to make your experience unique and enjoyable. But remember: for the last riddle you will always could count just on yourself and your team intuition to make it to our “Wall of fame”.

You have to be at the shop EXACTLY at the booking time.

We provide spaces to host you while you wait, but we can’t guarantee they are allready occupied.

If you show up in late we can’t guaratee you to play the full experience: of course we will try to  let you play anyway for 1 hour, but we can not make other guests wait for you as well.

Please, do not put us in the situation of make someone unhappy: show up EXACTLY at the right time you reserved.

The game itself lasts 60 minutes. There is also an introduction and explanation of the rules, afterwards you would have the possibility to take a picture and portrait your success! This is why you should reserve about 1 hour and half for the whole experience.

We kindly recommend to arrive 10 minute before the time reserved.

Of course it is. To cancel your appointment, the easiest way to do it is using the confirmation email you´ve got when you made the booking and use the canceling link minimum 4h before your booking time.. If you can´t use the canceling link, send us a message to info@trapmilano.it with your name and the time of your booking and we will do it for you.

To change your booking please cancel your previous appointment first and then from our web page make your new reservation choosing one of the available slots in the calendar.

We kindly ask you to comunicate us your cancellation at least 4 hour before your appointment to let us keeping the reservation system as it is: without any payment before the game.

The booking are managed online directly on our website. Click on the section booking and select the adventure you would like to play, then choose the time at your convenience.

To complete your reservation you will need to fill all the data requested. You will receive an automatic confirmation by email – on the address you provide us in the reservation itself. Type it carefully ;).

Give it a try: 3 simple step and we will wait you to play with us!

Of course!

We believe our game fit perfectly this occasion: your team need essencially to cooperate to win and find your exit!

Send us an email to info@trapmilano.it and we will contact you to design something that fit your needs for an unforgivable experience.

Yes. The games are designed for a specific number of players.

2-5 players for the Tomb and the Pyramid, 3-6 for Antartide and Cabin in the Forest.

The limit of players is fixed to let you enjoy more the experience we offer in the adventures: without that limit the risk is that some player would not understand how they were able to step up in the game due to the construction of the gameplay itself.

It’s a pity beacuse you risk to ruin yourself a very pleasent experience.

That’s sad, we understand that there are situation in witch the player know how to enjoy anyway the experience  or cases that would not be possible to play excluding someone – and we let you play in +1 even in that adventure with an extra cost of 15 Euro (if the +1  is a kid under 8 year old there is no extra cost) but we kindly ask you to respect the limit we indicate because we really want to show you our game as we designed them. You will love them.

Unfortunately this is not possible. In all our rooms there are some games that require at least 2 person – and overall the fun of our game is all about cooperate with your team mates.

Each adventure has a minimim and maximum number of players displayed in our website page dedicated to each room.

Anyay, in our opinion the best team is composed by 3 or 4 members.

Our games doesn’t have a specific limit of age to be played.

The games that has a “thriller” or “horror” theme should be played from +14.

We are proud to garantee all our games and the hints comunication system both in Italian and English to fullfit the needs of our numerous foreign customers. 

Just comfortable clothes that would allow you to move easily.

The game is not about scaring, is all about solving puzzles to find your way out however if someone feels a bit claustrophobic there is a panic buttom that will immediately open the door.

Be aware we use stroboscope light in “The Tomb” game.

As said the game is all about solving puzzles to find your way out, is not required any particular physical skill. Strength is not required at all: your mind will be the way to success.

You can easily reach us by:

  • metro: Sondrio Station ( yellow line – M3) or Marche Station (violet line – M5)
  • bicicle: BikeMi Station is right in front of our shop
  • bus: line 42 from Central Station
  • car sharing: you can find a lot of Car2go or Enjoy in the district

Our rooms are all provided with air conditioning in summer, and are heating in winter time. 

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